Our Story

I am a landlord that has been using the traditional paper application from my local landlord association. Filling out and collecting the applications can be difficult for potential tenants and landlords. I have tried many online websites with applications but their main goal is to make money through tenant screening. I created leasingbot.com to just receive applications from tenants. It’s Free, Fast and Simple.

Our Vision

Landlords will be able to edit the application for their personal needs and requirements. Applicants can fill out an application and send it to the landlord without creating an account. Landlord will then receive the application in their email. More features and functionalities coming soon...


Leasingbot is secure and fast. We do not store any tenant information on our website. The web application is converted into an email and send directly to owner's email.

How it works

  • Smart

    The rental Application automatically goes to the owner or the manger's email. No more worries about collecting and disposing paper Application

  • fast

    It only takes five minutes to complete the application and seconds to send it to the managers.

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